TA 1-0

Dear Trainees,

On behalf of the Learning & Development Team, it is my pleasure to welcome you to this program! This class will be an exciting journey for us. Together, we will progress from learning basic analysis into charities’ organisational structures to modelling and forecasting ASX company’s cashflows and potentially presenting your findings to a panel of professionals.

As the name ‘Investing for Charity Suggestions’, this course is about charitable giving and investing. Investing is at its core about laying out money today expecting to get more money back in the future which, accounting for time and adjusting for risk results in a results in a satisfactory compound annual growth rate. Effective giving by contrast is about using evidence and analysis to maximise the impact of giving away money. Seemingly opposite things right? Perhaps, but this course will show how tied together both really are.

Lessons you learn in the charity module, such as income statement and balance sheet analysis, will be invaluable when you come to analysing equities. Likewise, the skills you learn in valuing equities will better enable you to identify effective and sustainable charitable enterprises.

Through this platform, structured modules and mini quizzes will support you in completing your final ‘charity’ and ‘company’ report. You will also have the countless opportunities across the year to be actively involved in discussions and share ideas with your fellow course mates.

The Education Team and fellow course mates will always be here to help you. Please do not hesitate to ask questions and provide continuous feedback. In fact, questions are most encouraged in this class, for by asking questions, we learn more than we could ever imagine.

Let’s make an impact together! 

Edmond Ngai, Andrei Bluic, Bryan Gunawan, Raymond Yuan, Joseph Yu
Education Team – Investing for Charity UNSW

At the end of this year, you will:

  • Better understand accounting and financial analysis skills.
  • Apply these technical skills to make judgments about your chosen charity.
  • Understand the catalysts behind price movements.
  • Determine whether a stock is worth investing in.
  • Build confidence in communicating (verbally and written) in professional situations. 
  • Meet like-minded peers, and build a support network that drives collaborative learning.

Compared to the previous years, we will not be giving an ‘absolute mark’ for the reports you submit. We will give a ‘letter’ rating, e.g. A, B, C, D, E, instead. 

We will spend more time providing constructive feedback, so you get more out of this program! 🙂